Glee – Quinn is ALIVE!

Glee - Quinn rolls down corridor in wheel chair

TV Review

Glee Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother.”

Quinn was blindsided by a truck. Oh, no! But she survived! Oh, yes! And she’s back! Oh, yes! In a wheelchair. Oh, uh, huh?

Two months after the accident Quinn rolled up in a wheelchair. Her spine compressed during the accident, but she stated she’s regaining feeling in her legs. She’s happy. She’s hopeful. She’s Quinn, baby!

Quinn and Artie sang, “I’m still standing.” It was the perfect song. For the perfect ironic situation. For the perfect return for Quinn. Her plans to stand and dance at nationals.

Oh, and Fin and Rachel did NOT get married. Phew!

Speaking of nationals, Coach Sylvester lost her Cheerios. Roz the Bronze Medalist appointed co-coach. Sylvester has bun in oven (that sounds wrong on so many levels).

So Sylvester made a deal with the principal to help the Glee club win at nationals. That guarantees $10,000 for the school. She would then get her Cheerios back. Deal.

Blaine’s brother Cooper (Matt Bomer) paid a visit to the school. He’s a celebrity, of sorts. Cooper had a stint for a silly credit report online commercial. Cooper asked Blaine to sing with him, “Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio.”

Cooper’s invited to teach a master class in acting. So full of himself he agreed. Cooper advised Glee club when acting to “point” for emphasis (groan). Blaine thought it was bad advice but no one listened.

Blaine stormed out and sang, “Fighter.” Sibling rivalry brought out the worst emotions. Cooper appeared clueless.

Artie had a new found friend in Quinn. New girl in wheelchair she could identify with his situation now. For senior ditch day the rest of the Glee Club went to Six Flags. Artie and Quinn went to a skateboard-like park used by amputees and wheelchair users.

They sang, “Up Up Up.” It was nice. But there was an undercurrent. Artie wanted her to accept her situation. Quinn assured Artie she was not like him. She would make a full recovery.  (We’ll see…)

Blaine and his brother finally made up. They went into the auditorium and sang, “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

It was poignant. Believable. And very well done.

Question remains, will Quinn walk again?

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