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L.A. Complex cast members

Pilot Review

In a recent poll L.A. voted as one of the most hated cities in the US. People who live in L.A. hate L.A. People who don’t live in L.A. hate L.A. So why do so many people move to Los Angeles?

They have big dreams. Become an actor, dancer, comedian, or break into the music business. You know the song…


CW’s new series The L.A. Complex centers on the lives of  young aspiring Hollywood wannabes. Seek fame, fortune, and that celebrity red carpet high fashion flash.

This off take of a Canadian soap opera attempts to show the gritty side of making your dreams comes true in L.A.

Southland does a better job showing the gritty side of Hollywood. Glee does a better job showing talented kids chase dreams.

Here are the players in the pilot:

RAQUEL once had a starring role in a series, “Teenage Wasteland.” Older she now can’t get into any audition.

ALICIA a dancer. She gets far in her auditions but doesn’t quite get the gig. Blonde and innocent during day. Naughty at night as a stripper.

TARIQ an errand boy at a music studio.

CONNOR an Australian hottie who just landed a pilot. He “made it”  not because he has talent but because he is pretty.

NICK the unfunny comedian.

ABBY an aspiring actress and singer. A mixed nut mess. Kicked out of her apartment. Her car tire booted by police because of unpaid parking tickets.

Abby and Connor hook up at “The Lux,” a roach motel where most of the kids live. Both drunk they had unprotected sex. He had to buy her the day after pill because well, she’s broke.

The pill made Abby nauseous and uh, she had an audition within an hour. She sang an original song for her favorite director. Then Abby HURLED all over the piano. Yeah, she's a real Whitney Houston in the making there.


I didn’t care either way. I think that’s the problem with the show. It might be guilty pleasure for some viewers. I found it a bore. But then again I’m tainted.

Glee and Fame had characters that I could invest in and who showed real talent.
To sum the pilot:


L.A.Complex as shallow as L.A.

Update: L.A. Complex renewed for second season on CW.

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