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Glee - Season 3, Episode17: “Dance with Somebody.”

Mercedes held a photo of Whitney Houston. She sang, “How Will I Know.” She walked down the hallway and was joined by Rachel, Kurt, and Santana. It’s A Cappella for most of the song and it’s beautiful.

Will thought it would be a great for Glee club to pay tribute to Whitney Houston. Everyone was game. During class Brittany cut loose in uber-fast choreographed number, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Brittany wanted to dance with everyone. Including Quinn though she's in a wheelchair because of the car accident. Brittany stated that she danced with Quinn in her dreams and that Quinn could fly and breathe fire (she definitely lives in her own little planet).

Not being able to dance stung Quinn a bit.

She’s in a wheelchair now. Her therapy not going as well as she had hoped. Joe Deadlocks encouraged her. In class they sang a duet “Saving All My Love For You.” It was great to hear Quinn sing again. The duet was smooth and silky.

Kurt met his mirrored self at a music store. Chandler not as cool dresser and very hyper. He asked for Kurt’s number. Not a good idea when you’re in a relationship to give out your number there, Kurt.

Back in class Rachel and Santana sang, “So Emotional.” Frenemies finally called a truce. Rachel said, ‘You knew we blew it, right?’ They could have been singing together for the last three years instead of fighting.

Santana hated that she actually now gives a crap.  They have 42 days left to make some good memories. Rachel warned Santana she’s gonna hug her but promised she’ll make it quick -- funny!

Blaine discovered Kurt’s cheat-texts. It’s not innocent if you hide messages from your boyfriend. In class Blaine powered, “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay.” He walked out once he was finished.


Kurt, that’s not a good way to treat your boyfriend. Then Kurt’s father tells him how much he will miss Kurt when he leaves for New York City. That emotion coupled with Blaine’s anger had Kurt reevaluate things.

I Have Nothing” Kurt sang directly to Blaine during class. It was a wonderful apology through song.
Even though everyone had plans to do something else that day, they all gathered back at the auditorium.

They sang, “My Love is Your Love.” Each Glee one by one joined in to top off the tribute for one of the world's greatest singers.

To Whitney Houston with Love…

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