Revenge – Graysons are MURDERERS!

Revenge - In court Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) Conrad (Henry Czerny) sit together, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) sits alone

TV Review

Revenge - Season 1, Episode 18: “Justice.”

Emily knew her father died in prison.

He found himself in the crosshairs of a prison fight. But that’s not the absolute truth. The truth -- Graysons had him killed!

Day 15 of Daniel’s trial.

It’s no longer sunny summer time at the Hampton's. It's a bitter winter. Daniel was in trouble. Prosecution mounted physical evidence against him. Slick Victoria not about to allow her son to go to jail.

She hired Thug-Man once again to threaten the family of Juror #3. Cause a hung jury.

How did Emily find out? Emily bugged the Grayson’s house. Now she can hear their dirty little secrets.

Before we get to that here’s a run down of events:
  • Jack chased after fake Amanda but couldn’t find her
  • Declan testified Charlotte was drunk and on drugs at the crime scene
  • Charlotte continued her drug use with an old boyfriend
  • Conrad threatened Victoria's artist lover to leave town
  • Emily ransacked Jack’s home to steal the bloodied hoodie

Emily’s turn to burn.

She took Jack’s hoodie and placed it inside Thug-Man’s car. Then she anonymously put out an Amber alert. Police quickly found the car. Thug-Man arrested on spot. Thug-Man saw the bloodied hoodie inside his car.

Hey, that’s not mine!

Who’s going to believe him? Emily now had the Graysons cornered. Thug-Man would reveal all of their dirty little secrets. Every payoff. Every evil deed to save his own skin from life in prison.

Thug-Man died!

As Daniel’s defense lawyer came to see him the guards found Thug-Man hanging inside his cell. Chaos. There was a suicide note. No way would Thug-Man would kill himself.

Nolan dropped by Emily’s place and she replayed a phone conversation of Conrad. All this time she had been focused on how the Graysons framed her father, David Clark. She did not consider how her father really died.

She was told that it was a prison fight. David got caught in the struggle. But because she bugged Conrad's study she discovered the real truth.

Conrad made a call. Ask the man on the phone to do what he did to David Clark to someone else at Riker’s. That’s how Thug-Man died. He was killed.

That means…  

Graysons are MURDERERS! 

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