The Closer – The Johnson Rule

The Closer - Marvin Evans (Jason George) points gun at Chief Johnson (Kyra Sedgwick)

TV Review

The Closer - Season 7, Episode 15: "Silent Partner."

Who’s the leak in major crimes department?

Who betrayed Chief Johnson and tossed her knee deep into a huge lawsuit with the city. Cost her family a good chunk of their savings to hire a top class lawyer to defend her. So, who’s the leak?

Don’t know. Horrid TNT Network will keep us guessing until next season, which will be the final season of The Closer.

Dropping Terrell Baylor at his crib in front of his gang probably was not Chief Johnson’s smartest move. The lawsuit spawned from his death.

This episode major crimes found Terrell Baylor’s car. A body of a gang-banger riddled with bullets slumped over a seat. Explainable how dead guy got the car. Baylor’s mom lent the car to J-Rock (dead gang-banger.) But why did he have to die? J-Rock knew who killed Terrell.

See, it came full circle. Smug Peter Goldman (defense attorney who brought lawsuit against the Chief) knew the names of the suspects involved in Terrell’s death. Of course, he did not want to spill those beans to the police and get the Chief off the lawsuit hook.

To solve J-Rock’s murder major crimes had to dig deep to discover who ordered the hit on both J-Rock and Terrell. Crips killed Crips for money. That’s cold even among gangs.

So who was the top dog? Marvin Evans, a successful businessman who had childhood ties to the community. Terrell killed a convenience shop owner and his child for a beer! That owner assisted many in distress in that community, including Marvin and his family. He wasn’t about to let that go unpunished.

Terrell’s own gang turned against him. Terrell was a walking dead man so it was inconsequential that the Chief dropped him at his home. Or if Terrell had been dropped in front of a federal building. Outcome would have been the same.

Chief went to have a “private” talk with Marvin without back up from her entire department (trust no one). Don’t worry, F.B.I. husband was her wing man.

Inside Evan’s luxurious loft he confessed his crimes to Chief Brenda. But not before he checked her for a wire, which was a tad uncomfortable for her to go through (and for us to watch). Marvin took her purse and held her gun at her face. Then he confessed. Also stated they had a common interest in the death of Goldman.

Marvin didn’t hurt her but he did have her gun. As he walked the Chief to the front door he returned her purse and dumped the gun inside. He said goodbye. Opened the door. F.B.I. said hello.

Goldman no longer had a case against the Chief. Lawsuit dropped. However, the police department instituted a new ruling that L.A.P.D. officers cannot let any suspect go into a potentially hostile environment.

Called it the “Johnson Rule.”

That just hung the Chief out to dry. Come on, Brenda. You knew exactly what you were doing when you dropped Terrell in front of his home. You knew exactly how it would end, blood for blood. Can’t cry a river for you. You put yourself in that mess. Now you’re out of it, except…

Who's the leak in your department? Chief who can you trust?

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