Pan Am – Colette danced with a Prince

Pan Am - At a black-tie ball Colette (Karine Vanasse) dances with Prince Omar (Piter Marek)

TV Review

Pan Am - Season 1, Episode 12: “New Frontiers.”

Never a dull moment with flight attendants.

Maggie finally told Ted about Amanda (who kissed her). Of course Ted furious, didn’t believe Amanda would kiss another woman. Maggie cut him off and said it was fine. She was just joking.

It wasn’t a joke when he saw Amanda hug Laura in his living room. Laura went to Ted for financial help. Tasteful nude photos of Laura currently hung at a gallery.

She wanted to buy the lot of them before the real buyer Andy Warhol bought them. She needed $500. A lot of money back then. Amanda’s rich. That’s pocket change. Amanda wrote Laura a check and then gave her a nice tight hug.

Yeah, Ted, your girl is sooo not into you. Amanda finally confessed she’s more comfortable with women (ya think?). But that shouldn’t dampen their 2-story house white picket fence dream. They could have an “open” marriage.

Seriously Ted, run!

On the espionage front Kate learned how to pickpocket for a mission. She practiced on her coworkers before they took off for their flight to Rome, Italy. That was cool. Seduce then steal. Somewhat scary how it worked so well.

Mystery man caught Colette’s attention. Impetuously he bought a plane ticket to Rome. No money, no baggage, just on a whim. French girl liked that. So much so she spent the day with mystery man.

In Rome Dean accused of using the plane to smuggle contraband. The real smuggler was Captain Broyles who had the gall to recruit Maggie into his little smuggling ring. Maggie may be a loose canon but at least she was an honest loose cannon. She said no. When Dean discovered Broyels was the smuggler he punched him. Nice jab there Dean.

Mystery man invited Colette to a ball (sounded a bit like Cinderella). He came in a dashing white tuxedo. They danced together. She knew so little about him. He said his job was to smile, greet people, and make them feel welcomed.


Profile of smuggler was one without luggage and traveling alone. Dean, both of out jealousy and because mystery man fit profile, pointed the finger at Colette’s date.

Interpol was after mystery man but only because he slipped out of his own country unaware. Colette had just danced with a Prince. (Oh, now that’s lovely.) She looked at him.

‘You smile. You greet people. You make them feel welcomed.’

She got it. I think she blushed. He invited her to a State dinner at the White House. She accepted. Dean told her he would respect her wishes and let her go.

Then it happened. Everyone, no matter their location, stood still as they heard the breaking news on the television or on the radio.

President of the United States John F. Kennedy had been shot.

Update: ABC cancelled Pan Am after 14 episodes.

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