Revenge – How DARE you point a Gun at my Head

Revenge - Emily has a gun pointed at her head

TV Review

Revenge - Season 1, Episode 11: “Duress.”

Emily had her own gun held to her head. Tyler had just flown over the cuckoo’s nest.

Back up two days earlier. Daniel did not want a fuss over his birthday. Emily suggested a clambake on the beach. Victoria deflated that her son wanted something so trite, but she agreed. She asked Ashley to get her overqualified self over to Emily’s and plan the party.

Emily and Nolan had fallen out of connection. She swung by his place to apologize. Both unaccustomed to friendships and apologizes. He accepted. (Oh goodie, revenge team back in full swing.)

Nolan tracked Tyler’s phone with GPS signal. Helpful, but only to a point. Meanwhile Daniel agreed to go back to work with dad. But only to spy for mom.

Conrad fired Tyler. But slick psycho boy had other plans. Tyler confronted Conrad about video he had in his possession. Grayson’s bodyguard harassed Lydia before she fell off the balcony.

Conrad blanched. (I’d turn pale too if someone had a video like that to blackmail me.) Emily had a plan. Rifle through Tyler’s things to retrieve the little whale video camera. (I didn’t say it was a smart plan.) With Nolan’s tracker they knew Tyler’s whereabouts. Emily rummaged through the guesthouse and found the camera.

(Uh, Tyler just pulled up Emily.) She also found some heavy-duty anti-psychotic drug medication. She took that bottle too. (Uh, Em, you’ve got to go.) Just as Tyler entered the guesthouse Emily ducked out the back door. (Phew, that was so close!) She watched as Tyler went ballistic when he couldn’t find the camera or his pills.

Insane asylum bound Tyler tore up the guesthouse.

Emily gained ground over Tyler. Plan worked well. Daniel told Tyler to leave and never come back. Without any evidence against the Graysons Tyler had to leave for California that night. He stood so close to Daniel, you could feel he wanted to kiss him.

Didn’t happen.

But he also didn’t fly out. Tracker on Nolan’s GPS had him on a plane. That was Tyler’s cell phone on the plane. Tyler was in same room with Nolan.


What I want to know is, what happened to Nolan’s bodyguard? He’s been missing for two episodes now. Anyhoo, Tyler pulled a knife on Nolan (who is all brains, no brawn). Sliced Nolan’s arm then tied him to a chair. Tyler went off to crash Daniel’s party.

Everyone’s at the clambake, even Victoria and Conrad. Tyler’s inside of Emily’s house.  He discovered a hollow sound underneath a rug (where she kept her evidence against the Graysons). Tyler pulled the rug back to reveal the hardwood floor.

Oh, no!

Emily stepped inside to retrieve the cake. Tyler put the rug back in place (phew) then grabbed Emily's gun. She returned to party with lit candles on the cake with a gun pointed at the back of her head.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Tyler blew out the candles and held everyone hostage. He asked if they wanted to play a game of “Truth or Die.” He asked Conrad what really happened to David Clark. When Conrad refused to answer Tyler pointed the gun at Emily’s head.

Nolan saved day when he brought Tyler’s brother (who had earlier helped him out of the tied-to-chair-mess) to the party. Tyler distracted for a moment. Not missing a beat Daniel and Jack tackled Tyler.

Police carted Tyler off. He had on his possession a wallet that belonged to the dead bodyguard (nice move, Emily). Graysons believed Tyler was behind everything bad that had happened to them.

Nolan said the police discovered there were no bullets in Emily’s gun. But she knew that. She removed the bullets. Yet when gun was held to her head she appeared scared to death. Nicely played. Nolan called her

Emily’s revenge plot now back on track.
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