Nikita – The Truth Isn’t What You Think It Is

Nikita - Nikita (aggie Q) peers out from behind a wall

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Nikita - Season 2, Episode 10: "Guardians."

Birkhoff’s out of commission. Amanda smashed his hand with a hammer.

Michael’s playing daddy with son in England. He’s out of the picture. Alex smuggled her way back into Russia to kill Semak who killed her mother and father.
That left Nikita alone, sort of.

Remember Owen? He's that cute guy (cuter than Michael). Regimen-drug addict turned super human fighting machine with a few side effects. Well, Nikita reached out to him. Sure Owen’s a good guy, but the truth, he’s in cahoots with the Russians.

Double crossed-crossed.

One black box destroyed so Nikita sought Owen’s help to find another. Yes, Owen did track the location of a Guardian. When they got there, Guardian’s gone, so was the black box.

Percy sent a message for Guardians to relocate through a crossword puzzle that The Cleaner decoded. Amanda’s none the wiser.

Don’t underestimate Percy.

Nikita and Owen tracked the Guardian to a lab that made the Regime drug. Gunfire trapped Nikita and Owen. Ari (who’s loyal to Golgo) was in cahoots with Owen, betrayed him. The truth was that Ari never liked him.

Ari took the coveted black box during the gun fight. Nikita chased after him. So did the Guardian. They turned the corner right into the hands of the local authorities.

Both Nikita and Guardian tied to rails inside transport van. Guardian had knife inside shoe, able to escape. Nikita wasn’t quite sure what he would do. Who came to the rescue? Michael. Earlier Owen had made a mystery call for help.

Question: How can a person can fly across London in a matter of a few minutes? AND happened to be at the right time at the right place at most opportune time to save the day? Gimme a break! Sometimes I hate TV.

Michael saved Owen and Nikita. The black box however on its way to Sergei Semak. Guess where Semak resides. Yep, Alex’s old homestead.

Nikita went ahead without Michael or Owen. Alex went into her childhood home through a basement passage.  She carefully walked up the stairs to her parent’s old bedroom to kill Semak.


The truth was that Alex’s mother didn’t die in the fire. Percy was right.

If you seek the truth, you may not like what you’ll find. 
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