Country Singer's tour bus EXPLODES!

Tour bus on fire as 3 men stand in foreground, fireman stand near smoldering bus


Country singer Jerrod Niemann sang at Hearts Strings for Hope benefit concert for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

It was late Tuesday (March 6th) night in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After the concert, the 32-year-old singer boarded his tour bus with his band, and family members his father and uncle.

When Jerrod Newman stepped inside the bus he noticed a nasty smell emanating from the heater. Songwriter John Stone, one of the passengers that night, also noticed a foul smell. Stone said to Newman,

'Dude, I think your bus is on fire.'

The “Lover, Lover” singer Niemann refuted and said,

'No, that’s the heater.'

By chance Stone was on Lee Brice’s tour bus when it caught on fire (Stone needs to get better travel buddies). Stone was adamant. Brice was also present having just performed a gig, so both Stone and Brice got off the bus to take a look.


Lee Brice said to Niemann, “No dude, this bus is on fire! You need to get your stuff and get off now!”

Everyone quickly evacuated and backed up a distance away from the tour bus. Then suddenly, a few minutes later the tour bus exploded and was engulfed in flames.

It was about 10:45 pm. Were it not for Stone’s insistence that something was wrong and Brice’s insistence that everyone leave, all passengers would have been toast, literally.

Jerrod Niemann stated:

We could see the fire moving up from the back corner of the bus, under the bus, and we were backing up, then the windshield blew out with a piece of blind stuck to it. All the pressure built up and blew it out.”

The fire department came and extinguished the flames.

Just after 1:00AM, Niemann posted to his Twitter account: “To be honest, thank the good Lord that @leebrice was here tonite or I’d be Freddy Krueger.”

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