Pan Am – Bye, Bye! Thanks for Flying into our Living Rooms

Pan Am cast - Dean ( Mike Vogel), Maggie (Christina Ricci), Colette (Karine Vanasse), Ted (Michael Mosley), Laura (Margot Robbie), Kate (Kelli Garner) stand on hotel balcony at night

TV Review

Pan Am - Season 1, Episode 13: “1964.”

New Year’s Eve 1963. Dean, Ted, Maggie, Kate, Laura, and Colette stood on a hotel balcony waiting for the New York ball to drop.

Backup a few days Kate found herself in the middle of a double agent double-cross. Richard her handler was shot. He came to her apartment. Showed her a small capsule that contained film filled with secret information the Soviets wanted.

No one knew Richard was gone so when she bumped into the British agent she had once work with and by chance he asked her she knew Richard's whereabouts.

Kate set up the British agent. Had him confess verbally while he held her at gunpoint. He was taken out by a handful of spies. Kate now in the big leagues asked to quit Pan Am and join the C.I.A.

Ted said no to crazy lesbian Amanda. He did not want to marry her. It took him a while but he discovered he was in love with Laura. To his surprise Laura loved him as well. What bomb was dropped?

Amanda said she was pregnant. (Back then women trapped men into marrying them through the ruse they had a bun in the oven.)

Maggie partnered up with Capt. Smuggler Broyles. She carried jewels in her Pan Am bag which the two newly formed thief-alliance were to sell to Portuguese scumbags. They spoke in Portuguese and guess what? Maggie spoke Portuguese and knew they were about to get robbed. She collected the diamonds and jewels and said - 'No deal.'

Maggie went back alone without Broyles with the jewels and surprised the scumbags. Spoke to them in Portuguese and made a deal. Later, Maggie in bed surrounded by money. Broyles surprised and pleased joined her in bed.

Dean had to face a hearing.  About to have his wings clipped for what happened in Haiti in the rescue of a refugee. Of all people Broyles interrupted the meeting. He spoke on behalf of Dean.

Broyles then handed a note from the head honcho of Pan Am via Maggie (swear that girl has something on everyone). It appeared Pan Am did not want to lose Dean. He was suspended for six months.

Colette swept off her feet by the Prince. His people did a background check on her and discovered the nuns that raised her in the orphanage changed her last name.

She's of Jewish descent. Prince also had a photo of her with her parents and a brother she did not know she had. Of course being Jewish she could no longer marry this prince.

Colette’s new mission was to find her brother. Dean with a six-month suspension asked to join in the search. Kiss and made up. Nice.

This episode was last episode of a show with interesting characters set in a very unique era. ABC may have clipped Pan Am’s wings but the characters were unforgettable.

To Maggie (Christina Ricci), Laura (Margot Robbie), Kate (Kelli Garner), Colette (Karine Vanasse), Ted (Michael Mosley) and Dean (Mike Vogel), thank you for flying Pan Am into our living rooms.


Update: ABC cancelled Pan Am after 14 episodes.

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