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Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 9: “Dark Was the Night”

A patient’s heart screwed by a screw. Meredith’s heart broken by the loss of Zola. Yang’s heart broken by the death of her mentor’s husband. Teddy’s heart yet to break.

Teddy’s husband Henry coughed blood into a tub (ew). His heart about to give out, but he doesn’t know that. No one does, yet. Got him prepped ready for surgery. Took Teddy long enough to fall in love her husband in that fake marriage.

Meredith got a call from social worker who told her, “Move on.” Zola will not become part of their family. That was the only baby for Meredith. No surrogate. No adoption. She is done. Heart break #1.

Callie’s patient developed complications. Screw set to stabilize the patient’s spine poked her heart. Teddy had to operate immediately. Avery did the original solo surgery while Callie read a magazine.

Bailey said to Torres it happens to everybody. (Why don’t I find that a comfort?) Heart break #2.

Meredith and Alex sent to a small hospital to pick up a newborn. Hospital unequipped for neonatal surgery.
Alex displayed his guilt during the ride in the Ambulance. His big mouth got them all in that mess. Meredith did let him off the hook.

'What you did was dirty. What I did was illegal.'

Yang set to operate on Henry. There was a catch. No one wanted Yang to know it was her mentor’s (Teddy) husband. Yang would panic. No, best she did the operation like a machine (that she is).

Henry’s tumor eroded right through the pulmonary artery. He bled out. He was dead before they started. Everyone’s distraught. It wasn’t until Owen told Yang outside the OR that Henry was on the table. Henry’s face was finally uncovered. Yang went to pieces. Heart break #3.

Uh, who’s gonna tell Teddy her husband’s dead? Heart break yet to come.

Alex and Meredith did pick up the baby. Got in the ambulance. Traveled through a heavy storm. Ambulance broke down. Driver called for back up ambulance. The banter between Alex and Meredith ended when the ambulance slammed with a big bang!

In slow motion Alex and Meredith flayed inside the cabin. It was a dance of pain. Meredith had a cut on her forehead. Alex was fine. They carried the baby out of the ambulance.

Alex and Meredith stood on the street motionless. In front of them three fallen bodies. Heartbreak # 4, #5 and #6.

It was a dark and stormy night...

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