Unforgettable – Carrie dates a Mobster

Unforgettable - Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) dines at a restaurant with mobster Steve (Jackson Hurst)

TV Review

Unforgettable - Season 1, Episode 12: “Butterfly Effect.”

Carrie likes to live life on the ledge. Yes I meant ledge not edge. She hung for dear life off 8th floor ledge of a very tall building.

Back up 36 hours earlier when an iron worker found dead at a construction site. Al, Roe and Carrie investigated the crime scene. One worker smirked at Carrie,

Worker - 'Which Charlie’s Angel are you?'
Carrie - 'The one with the big gun.'

Don’t mess with her boys. Now the victim had dent on back of his head. Construction site + murder = Irish mob. (I’ll get to that part.)

Nina got a call when she was at the site with Al. There were five thefts at that particular construction site within the past two months. Was the victim part of the theft ring? No. (I’ll get to that part too.)

Carrie took a good look at the construction site. She noticed a tool belt left on the ground that belonged to the victim. Her super cool gift of memory kicked in she remembered that all construction workers carried a huge wrench on their belts. Yep, that’s the murder weapon. They found a discarded bloody wrench in a dumpster (how convenient).

Victim Christopher Feeney was just a good kid. He once worked as a lifeguard. Mob daughter took a liking to him at the beach. Mob then gave him a job (plus $50k) after his father’s accident. Left his father crippled. Son dropped out of college to help support family. See, good kid. He didn’t do it.

Time for Carrie to live on the edge (I meant it that way this time). Only way to find out if the mob was involved was to ask the mob. (Whoa!) She paid a visit to the Coiffe family. They agreed to talk to her. Then they locked her in a wine cellar. Smart move, Carrie.

Young guy entered. Meet mob Jr. He’s not mobster Stefano Coiffe. He’s Steve Coiffe. Clean as a whistle (so he said). His father, not so much. Steve agreed to help Carrie (but what’s in it for him?). He later gave her information about time of next theft at the construction site.

Carrie and Al on stakeout. Mystery guy gets out of a pickup truck about to steal some materials. Both Al and Carrie with guns drawn told him not to move.

Would-be-thief ran.
Why do they always run?

Carrie chased him up to the 8th floor. That’s when he blindsided her. She skidded onto the ledge. Carrie hung there for dear life. She rocked her legs and swung her body onto the 7th floor. Sweet move!

Carrie blindsided the perp. Payback! Mystery near solved. Owner stole materials from his own site. He had nothing to do with the death of Feeney or fellow coworker (yeah, I forgot to mention that part).

Manny, the dead coworker would load up his cement truck, detour to girlfriend’s house for a tickle to his pickle. During the she-bang-me time he’d water down the cement so it wouldn’t harden, but that made the cement weak.

Feeney found out and told Foreman who killed Feeney then Manny to keep his job, knowing the building would one day fall.

Mob not involved but still in the picture. Mob Jr. took Carrie out on a dinner date. Outside the restaurant window someone with a camera took pictures of Carrie on a date with a mobster.

Unforgettable starring Poppy Montgomery was canceled by CBS.

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