2 Broke Girls – Rich Girl Uses Coupons

2 Broke Girls - Max forces Caroline to hand grocery clerk coupons at checkout

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2 Broke Girls - Season 1, Episode 13: “And the Secret Ingredient.”

Han, owner of the diner has the right to up his prices, but not on everything according to Max.

In the women’s restroom a female hygiene product went from twenty-five cents to seventy-five cents.

'I do not want to talk about the cotton mouse.' - ew! I agree Han. Yep, the first part of the show was about, ahem, personal female hygiene products (I don’t want to talk about the cotton mouse either, so moving on.)

Max and Caroline shopped at a small grocery store. When I say small, I mean tiny. Even by TV show standards that was one piss-poor excuse for a grocery store.

Caroline discovered Max’s cupcake ingredient. Duncan Hines cake mixes. Caroline completely shocked that Max would use a generic mix. She thought the cup cakes made from scratch, homemade as it were.

'They are. I make them in my home.' - Max

That burst Coraline’s bubble. Once at the counter the total for groceries $70.49. Caroline outraged at the cost of food. Then Max handed Caroline COUPONS to give to the clerk. Oh, no! Caroline could never sink that low.

Caroline - 'I can’t use coupons, that’s for…'
Max - 'Poor people, like us.'

Max set her straight. Took a little doing but finally Caroline passed the coupons over to the clerk. New total $12.79. Caroline shocked.

'Same food, less money?' 

Oh, yes! Caroline bit by the coupon bug! She bought fifteen chicken potpies for free with coupons. She’s so obsessed with shopping she forgot about her horse Chestnut. Max wanted to visit Chestnut but the coupon diva could not be bothered.

Next trip to the tiny store Caroline clashed with “Williamsburg Coupon Queen.” Caroline needed to buy forty boxes of Duncan Hines cake mix boxes to get them free. Sweep-the-shelves-empty war began.

Max bumped Coupon Queen’s cart. Take that you big diva. Queen bumped back. Bumping continued until Coupon Queen’s husband landed hard on the floor.

Caroline’s busy counting boxes at checkout. Max wanted to visit Chestnut. Caroline needed forty boxes but came up short. She held up the line. Max had HAD it. She left Caroline and went to visit Chestnut.

Best part of show where Max talked to Chestnut about growing up. How her mother was never there for her. Max tough on the outside but only because of all the things she holds on the inside. Horse not a shrink but it was a cathartic experience to watch.

Caroline finally got her ass to the stables. She carried bags full of cake mix plus the Pillsbury mix, another secret ingredient. Max joked there was another secret ingredient, 'Chocolate Meth.' Yeah, right (but I wouldn't put it passed her).

Cupcake store savings total: $644.25.
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