The Good Wife – Is this the End for Will Gardner?

The Good Wife - Will in elevator as the doors about to close on him

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The Good Wife - Season 3, Episode 15: “Live From Damascus.”

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That vindictive ambitious political climbing beotch Wendy Scott-Carr!

She “anonymously” reported Will to the bar association. That Will took $45,000 from a client’s account, which he did but he quickly returned the money.

It happened 15 years ago but there’s no statute of limitations. Will could lose his license to practice law.

Diane spoke to one of the bar association board members and told a little white lie (thank you, Diane). The board applauded Will that he started a pro bono department in the firm (that was Diane’s idea, not Will’s).

The bar association gave Will 24-hours to go against a hearing or suspend his license for six months. Will had one last case to finish and he was going down in a blaze of glory.

Will defended a family in a lawsuit against a creator of encryption software who sold the program to the Syrians. Software used to spy on Americans protesting and a few Americans were killed. Will had to prove that the creator knew he sold that software to the Syrians. That it was not a third party.

How did Will win the lawsuit? Tech support. You got to love tech support. See, for any software you buy you must register that software before you can use it.

Therefore when Will put a tech support guy on the stand he testified any user of the software had to fill a form of identification to register. That’s how the tech guy knew they were Syrian government officials using the encrypted software program.


Will won big.
Will lost big.

He had Alicia sit in his office. Just talked things out as she listened. Will then realized he committed an infraction in taking that money 15 years ago and he was obligated to pay for that infraction. He would take the six-month suspension.

Diane handed Kalinda’s tax file over to Alicia. Will was handling it but they needed to give it over to someone they trusted. Evidently, it’s more than “tax” case. It’s complicated. So, what’s up with Kalinda?

Will can’t go to the office. He can’t talk to clients. He can’t go into a courtroom other than as a civilian.

Is this the end for Will Gardner?

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