Ryan Seacrest to Host the London 2012 Olympics

Ryan Seacrest and Olympic rings logo


Ryan Seacrest to host the London 2012 Olympics?


Did I miss something here? Did Ryan become an expert in sports commentating overnight.

Seacrest joined Matt Lauer on the Today show this Wednesday morning. Rumors swirled that Ryan could possibly replace Lauer. Ryan was smart enough to dance around that topic.

NBC Universal and E! part of the same parent company. Since Ryan is a host for E! News he will join the NBC family to help boost ratings host the prime time 2012 London Olympics.

Seacrest told Matt Lauer that he will continue his gig on the reality singing competition American Idol for another year (not yet officially confirmed). Ryan also has his own morning radio show on Los Angeles KISSFM.

The Hollywood Reporter named Seacrest the most powerful man in reality television. I thought that title belonged to Mark Burnett. Ryan’s the pretty face on TV. Burnett is the man who creates reality TV.

Isn’t it odd to imagine Ryan Seacrest at the Olympics?

Mimic his opening line like he does so well on American Idol but instead he says…


Somehow that just doesn’t fit.

I think I would have preferred Simon Cowell hosting the London Olympics. He is British and would probably say it’s all rubbish. Now THAT would be entertaining.

Good Luck, Ryan.

Be sure to take your British-American translation book.

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