Hart of Dixie – Zoe a Southern Belle for a Week

Hart of Dixie - Zoe shines silver, Lemon leans over Zoe's shoulder to check on her

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Hart of Dixie - Season 1, Episode 11: “Hell’s Bells.”

Zoe discovered that the Wilkes family background legacy tied to the Bluebell Belles.

Uh, she’s from Manhattan not from Alabama. Zoe however decided it was time to embrace her family’s history and join the Bluebells Belles it being her birthright.

Over Lemon’s dead body.

Lemon decided to re-initiate Hell haze week (which hadn’t been done for over a 100 years) to prevent Zoe from becoming a Belle. Each member of the Belles had Zoe for a day.

Call it errand girl, servant or slave take your pick. Zoe washed cars, picked up dry cleaning, squeezed lemons, polish silver, milked a cow, and was the target of a paintball firing squad.

Zoe would not give up easily.
The most humiliating task for Zoe was the Belle slogan. If someone said the secret word “Honey,” she had to recite or sing the following:

I’m a Bell
A Southern Belle
A ‘Bama Belle
A Dixie Bell
I got secrets
I won’t tell
Ya’ll don’t like it
Go to Hell-
O Soldier
What’s your pleasure?

Did I forget to mention that Zoe had to wear a red Southern Belle dress during Hell week? That was the second most humiliating thing she had to do.

The show was about family roots, not just Zoe’s. Lemon donated her mother’s things to the church auction. She wanted all traces left behind by her mother gone from the house. Lemon knew her mother had a new family and was not coming back.

Wade’s father (the loony guy of the town) had an opportunity to sell a morsel of land that would make him a ton of money. Wade wanted him to sell the land so his father would not come to see him once a month to borrow money.

Father wanted to save the land to pass down to his sons. Wade finally gave in and it was okay not to sell the land. Interesting discovery was that Wade’s father took the money Wade gave him then stuffed it in a jar.

He buried the jar in his backyard. Dozens of jars were back there. Borrowing money from Wade was just an excuse to see his son.

Did Zoe make it through Hell week? Hell ya! Did Zoe become a Belle? Hell no! While she wanted to embrace her family’s legacy but being a Belle was not for her. Lemon respected that.

Lemon confided in Zoe that she didn’t want to become like her mother. Zoe assured her she was nothing like her mother. Zoe told her she did not leave her family but stayed and helped raised her sister and took care of her dad. They both exchanged a moment and then in a gingersnap it was gone.

Zoe and Lemon back to frenemies.

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