Revenge – Victoria, You Lying Snake

Revenge - Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) sits in her oversized chair

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Revenge - Season 1, Episode 13: “Commitment.”

How many lies can vicious Victoria make in a lifetime? Quite a few it appeared. A lie that sent an innocent man to jail. A lie to hide the identity of the father of her daughter. And the most vicious lie of all, but I’ll get to that.

Conrad sent Charlotte to live back with her mother. It’s quite possible he could not look at her without thinking of David Clark, Charlotte’s biological father. The truth came out via video (courtesy of Emily) which inflamed Conrad on a warpath against Victoria.

Victoria believed that fake Amanda set fire to Treadwell's house. She invited fake Amanda to the house to set a trap. She wanted fake Amanda’s DNA and she got it. Lawyer Huntley took a spoon for DNA testing.

Surprised twist Huntley was on Emily’s side. He doctored the DNA results and stated fake Amanda was indeed Charlotte’s half-sister. (I did not see that one coming.) Huntley believed that David Clark was innocent. But Huntley’s use to Emily was over now that Victoria fired him.

About Victoria’s vicious lie, I’ll get to that.

Emily tried to tell the fake Amanda it was not safe to stay, but fake Amanda was in love. She was going to stay with Jack. But Victoria needed those tapes from Treadwell. She hired a thug who went upstairs to Jack’s room.

He rummaged through fake Amanda’s backpack. He found the tapes Emily had planted (except one did fall underneath the bed). Jack saw him there. Fought the thug. The thug walked away. Jack didn’t. He was beaten, badly at that.

Emily finally told fake Amanda the truth. That Emily was there to take vengeance against the Graysons. That Victoria and Conrad sent her father to jail.

Finally, fake Amanda agreed to leave town because she didn’t want to see Jack get hurt again. But how long do you think she will stay away?

Daniel proposed to Emily. She accepted. Nolan however counseled Emily. Told her things were getting out of hand. Emily agreed. It was time to regroup.

Then that vicious lie.

It was time to tell Daniel that Charlotte was his half-sister. Victoria told him that she was trying to protect Charlotte from the truth. That David Clark was Charlotte’s father. Victoria told Daniel she couldn’t talk about it and cried. This lie so subtle it cut like a knife.

Daniel met with Emily afterwards. She sat on the porch swing prepared to tell him that she wanted to call off the engagement. That’s when she heard the vicious lie Victoria told without words.

That David Clark had raped Victoria. Emily was shocked, beyond shocked. Her blood filled with a venomous determination to bring Victoria down. Daniel asked Emily if she still wanted to marry into that family.

‘More than ever.’
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