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Nikita  - Percy next to a car dressed in white coveralls splattered with blood

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Nikita - Season 2, Episode 13: “Clean Sweep.”

Percy had Oversight hostage through his loyal Guardians. Division endangered of a gas massacre except for Amanda. She had a gas mask in her office. (You didn’t think she’d go down with the ship, did you?)

Ex-Navy Seal Sean held hostage by Nikita and company. Who will make the first move is this chess game of disaster?

Amanda agreed to a trade. Percy for the “clean sweep” briefcase. (That had bad idea written all over it.) She released Percy under escort. As Percy entered the elevator Amanda noticed Percy exchanged a look with the half-melted face guy. Now Amanda’s apprised of Division’s saboteur.

Nikita’s team split up. Alex assigned to walk back into Division to disable the trigger in the ventilation system. Nikita, Michael and Sean rushed to save Oversight.

Save Division. Save Oversight. Isn’t this insane?

Once inside Division Alex revealed to Amanda that her mother was still alive and with Semak. That was news to Amanda (Percy left her out of the loop on that one). Amanda saw Alex as an ally, safe there.

Alex’s only obstacle was Roan (the half-melted face guy). Not so safe there. Kung-Fu wasn’t enough to take down this hard-to-kill assassin. Alex gave him the slip and entered a vent. She made her way down to the main ventilation system.

Through an earpiece she was guided by Birkhoff. He instructed her which wires to cut. Time was running out and Roan fast approached. Alex cut the last wire (phew). She went into the glass chamber as Roan shot at her. Good thing the chamber was bulletproof, but now Alex is uh, trapped.

Nikita and gang at Oversight. Percy killed his escort thanks to a gun Roan left in the car for him. He drove himself to the safe house only to meet the barrel end of Nikita’s gun. She had him talk into a cell phone to order the Guardians to call off “clean sweep.”

‘Kill every except for Senator Pierce.’

Nikita almost blew his head off. Then the unexpected happened. Amanda’s secret phone calls now revealed were to Ari (Russian bad-ass). He sent a small army of his men at the safe house.

Shoot out at the OK Corral but with semiautomatic weapons.

One Guardian dead. Sean reunited with his mother. Percy initiated “clean sweep” but it was too late. Alex saved the day and yes, Amanda let her out of the glass cage. They both want Semak dead. Mutual hatred the best type of friends in Amanda’s twisted world.

A Guardian drove Percy out of danger. Nikita and gang safe as always. Percy met up with Roan. Percy’s wounded but very much alive. Very much free.

God have mercy on the world...
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