Once Upon a Time - How Rumpelstiltskin lost his Son

Once Upon a Time - Rumpelstiltskin at dinner table shakes hands with his son

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Once Upon a Time - Season 1, Episode 19: “The Return.”

Rumpelstiltskin never broke a contract or deal except on one occasion. And it was a doozy. It cost him his family.

In fairy tale land the dark power Rumpelstiltskin accidentally inherited got stronger. Made him into a monster. A killer. Case in point, his son Bae was accidentally hit by a donkey cart. Bae told his father he was fine.

Had a small gash on his leg. The driver of the donkey cart profusely apologized. Rumpel zapped the poor sob into a snail. And if that was not bad enough, Rumpel then squashed the snail.


No justice in this world. Bae wanted his father to become the man he was, a kind and meek man (hard to believe, I know). They talked about it over dinner.

If Bae could find a way without using the dagger to return his father to normal, would his dad make the deal. That meant no more magic. Be normal like everyone else (no gold skin or stringy hairdo).


Rumpel shook on it but remember "absolute power corrupts absolutely." Bae discovered through a friend that there was a power greater than his father’s.

Reul Ghorm.

I thought it was a beast or monster like Rumpel. But it was a beautiful Blue Fairy (she was sooo cute). Bae went out into the woods and called for her. She gave him a magic bean. The last of its kind.

To make Rumpelstiltskin human again they must leave fairytale land. The magic bean was a portal into a world without magic. Bae took his father into the woods and toss the magic bean onto the ground. A bright green tornado appeared.

Bae slid down into the whirling vortex. Grab his father’s arm. Begged his father to come with him. Rumpelstiltskin refused. Broke his deal. Broke his promise. Bae went down alone.

Rumpelstiltskin lost his son.

He too, called upon the Blue Fairy. She said there was no other way to find his son. Rumpel pleaded, stated there must be a way, maybe even a curse.


So now we understand why Rumpelstiltskin made a deal with the Evil Queen to create that curse that turned fairytale land into Storybrooke. It was all about finding his son, Bae.

In Storybrooke the mysterious writer who rode into town on a motorcycle pretended to be Bae. Mr. Gold fell for it. For a moment I thought it was Bae. But when the mysterious writer tried to use the dagger against Mr. Gold, definitely that was not his son.

Who is this mystery writer? And what happened to Bae?

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