The Good Wife - Why can't We be Friends

The Good Wife – Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) sit together on floor leaning against wall

TV Review

The Good Wife - Season 3, Episode 18: “Gloves Come Off.”

The equity partners shouted at each other in the conference room.

Alicia asked for a raise. The crux of the ruckus however came from the power mongers. Julius, Eli, David Lee all vied for Will’s position. He’s sitting in the same room while the piranhas fight over his seat.

Alicia second chair to Julius on a wrongful death case. A man and wife on a ski mobile. Steering wheel locked. Wife died. It appeared that Lockhart would win the case. The opposing attorney then claimed an old hockey injury caused the death.

Once the hockey Association entered the picture all Hell broke loose. Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) represented the hockey Association (of course he did).

He and Alicia have a weird relationship.

Louis wants to hire her. Alicia says no, of course. Louis manipulates a way to be alone with Alicia and re-offers to hire her. Alicia says no, again. They play this little dance each time they meet.

However, Alicia needed a down payment for a mortgage. She considered the possibility of working with Louis seriously this time. Alicia's right now a single mom making ends meet. She needs to buy a house.

Things got murky when the Hockey Association got involved. Neurologists disappeared that would have helped Alicia’s case. There was a civil suit about to be filed against the Hockey Association. Let me just say it was confusing.

What happened in the end? You tell me. Alicia brought up a type of test for brain injuries that the Hockey Association turned down.

That sent things all a tizzy. The snowmobile company agreed to pay the full $5 million lawsuit. Julius and Alicia stunned. They won!

Alicia took the offer that Louis had given her and told Diane. She said unless the offer was for more Alicia would leave Lockhart & Associates.

Diane said to give her by the end of the week. Alicia couldn't wait that long. Louis gave her 24-hours to decide. Diane said, 'Then pack up your things and go.’

That was cold -- brr.

Diana used her partner privilege to override the equity partners. That $5 million lawsuit win was the catapult Alicia needed for her bonus. Louis thought that Alicia used him. She really didn’t. But his offer did help her get a raise.

On the Kalinda and Alicia front there were setbacks and movements. Kalinda had opened two bottles of beer and offered one to Will. He was leaving told said to find someone else.

Kalinda went into Alicia’s office and offered her a beer. Alicia looked at her.

Awkward silence.

‘No’ – Alicia
‘I get it.’ – Kalinda
‘Isn’t it enough that we are working together?’ – Alicia
‘I get it. – Kalinda

Kalinda walked away pissed.

No it’s not good enough! You two were best friends. Gawd I just wanted to throw something at the TV.

In the end, however there was a ray of reconciliation. Alicia eyed Kalinda a few times after she was offered that beer. Alicia finally approached Kalinda. Told her it could never be the way it was.

But that she was willing to try. But that Alicia couldn’t be the only one honest in the relationship. She asked Kalinda if she were capable of being honest. Everything out on the table. There was a pause…

‘Yes.’ – Kalinda

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