The Big Bang Theory – Boys You’re Whipped!

he Big Bang Theory  - Howard and Raj sleep on floor in sleeping bags, Leonard sleeps on his chair, Sheldon awake on the sofa types on his laptop

TV Review

The Big Bang Theory - Season 5, Episode 19: “The Weekend Vortex.”

Raj wanted a weekend Star Wars slumber party.


They would play character heroes online for a straight 48 hours (I can’t think of anything I would want to do without sleep for two full days). Leonard was in. Howard was in.

Then there was Sheldon.

Sheldon giddy as a little girl would have engaged in reading comic books, watching DVDs, role-playing, costumes -- the whole 9 yards. But there’s a problem. He promised Amy he would go to her aunt’s birthday party.


Howard had a smart phone application with the “whip sound” that he played. That little whip app repeated throughout the episode. (I want that app!)

Now Amy had followed all the rules of the boyfriend-girlfriend contract agreement (good grief). Therefore, Sheldon was obliged to go. He brought his laptop and a pair of headphones. Amy realized Sheldon would be there in body only. But don’t think he’s not whipped in that relationship.

Leonard asked Penny if she had any objections to his two-day Star Wars competition game play. Penny had no objections. Leonard a tad disappointed. In a way he wanted to be whipped. Penny put on her acting face (she’s so hot). Portrayed irritation.


Howard arrived at the party with his sleeping bag and laptop and uh, his GIRLFRIEND. He asked if it would okay if he played Star Wars online game with the guy all weekend. Bernadette said it sounded like fun. Howard in his moment of weakness invited her along.

Major Whipped.

The five of them play together. Bernadette the most vocal with her, “pew, pew, pew” sound effects. Ugh! Sheldon annoyed. At Penny’s apartment Amy's annoyed at Sheldon's lack of boyfriend responsibility (she should pawn him off for a real boyfriend). Penny’s advice was to crash the party and make a scene! That’s what girls do.

They both stormed over while everyone was playing. Amy attempted to make a scene but it fizzled. Therefore, instead of a party of four it became a party of seven. Someone however did make a scene. Raj!

Raj came alive. Stood up. He yelled at everybody. Told the gang it was supposed to be like the good ol’ days, the pre-girlfriend days. Just the four guys. Raj was the only one without a girlfriend. He was embarrassed to say that even Sheldon had girl before he did (bloody miracle). Penny said to Amy, ‘Now that’s how you make a scene.’

The girls left. The boys alone could enjoy their Star Wars game marathon until Howard’s mother knocked on the door. She hollered that she had been looking for him. She tore him a good one. Howard said it was time for him to go.

Mama’s Boy Whipped.

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