Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

Adele wearing a thick shawl over her head stans in a firey goldish rain


Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” hit single stays strong at #1 on Billboard Charts.

The song derived from her Grammy-award winning sophomore album “21.” Adel co-wrote the song with Fraser T. Smith.

It is Adele’s third consecutive hit single that climbed to the #1 slot on Billboard’s 100 making her a bankable superstar.

“Set Fire to the Rain” currently on several charts: Hot 100, Rock, Pop, Latin, Digital, Ringtones, Adult Contemporary, Canadian Hot 100, Adult Pop, YouTube, Yahoo, Audio and MySpace Songs.

“Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele is also the #1 Radio Song in the US.

The power ballad lyrics are as Adele put it in her Grammy speech, “It’s all about rubbish relationships.

Burn Notice - Farewell, Fiona

Burn Notice - FIona wearing sunglasses outside with hands clasps in front of her body

TV Review
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Burn Notice - Season 5, Episode 18: “Fail Safe”

As a spy, you plan for every contingency.

Michael finally passed the grade with his boss Pierce. He received his first real assignment from the C.I.A.  Job, secure a man who recruits American spies to spy against their country.

Pass the blueberry yogurt. Michael is all over this.

But there’s still this little hiccup. If Michael doesn’t do exactly what blackmailing son-of-a-biscuit Anson wants, Fiona will face life in prison. First mission for Michael, take Anson out.

He surprised Anson at the parking lot where Anson held a fake job. Fi with sniper rifle across the way took a shot at Anson. But a few convincing words from Anson had Michael spare his life.

Michael cannot risk the slightest chance Fiona won’t come out of this free and clear.

Scandal - Gladiators in Suits don't Cry

Scandal series cast members

Pilot Review

The first few minutes I had to actually use closed-caption in order to understand the dialogue. Rat-a-tat-a-tat firing dialogue as Harrison explained to the new hire Quinn that they were not a traditional law firm.

They were crisis experts. Fixers. For those who can afford it. Think of a whole team of Michael Claytons.

They don’t eat, sleep or drink anything but the work. They are as Harrison called it...

'Gladiators in Suits.'

The head gladiator is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). She’s always right. She decides which clients they take on. She is Maximus in a white suit and high heels.

The first “fix” Olivia made was a $3 million drop for a package. The deal was for $6 million. Before the shady armed men could contradict, she calmly stated that in two hours homeland security would be all over their sorry asses. Olivia told them to take the money and run.

Olivia's team took the package that was in a box. Guess what was in the package. A BABY! They paid off blackmailers -- unbelievable.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Katniss about to shoot a flaming arrow


Storyline: Twelve districts must select one boy and one girl to fight to the death on LIVE Television. When a young girl is chosen her sister volunteers to take her place. She will stop at nothing to survive The Hunger Games.

Tagline: May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

Genre: Action / Adventure

PG-13 | 2 hours, 22 minutes

Book Adaptation:  
Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games trilogy.
Explores the effects of war and violence of those coming of age.

Grey’s Anatomy – A Letter to Owen

Grey’s Anatomy - Owen stands in foreground, Yang in background

TV Review

Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8, Episode 19: “Support System.”

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Dear Owen,

You cheated on Yang. It’s not unforgivable nor incomprehensible. It’s what men do. You’re hardwired to disassociate emotions from intimacy. Women are hardwired to associate emotions with intimacy.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus.

Yang wanted you to tell her about the intimate details of your extra marital intimate encounter. Owen, you refused. You did not want to torture your faithful wife with details of your infidelity. You could not see the good that it would bring.

Owen, please understand a woman needs to know two things when a man cheats on her:




Storage Wars – Hollywood lockers filled with Bleep!

TV Review

Storage Wars - Season 2, Episode 26: “Hooray for Holly-Weird.”

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Jarrod and Brandi reopened their newly renovated thrift store. They need inventory like bad. Next auction at North Hollywood.

NoHo units nestled next to all the Hollywood studios. Bidders hope to discover some old Hollywood star memorabilia. But what they hope for isn’t what’s in the units.

First locker crappity, crap, crap, crap-o-lah! Trash bags full of clothes. Boxes.
Nothing good in plain sight. Bid war between Dave and Barry. Fellas, there’s noth-ing there.

Say it with me, Not-A-Thing. Dave upped the bid and Barry took the bait. Bought unit for $2000. Barry, Barry, Barry, what were you thinking...

Among the midst of crappity, crap, crap Barry found an old fashion top hat. He took it for appraisal. Hat, although in good condition worth about $450. Barry bought the unit for $2k. The collector to become a selector, ha!

Pawn Stars – James Bond lights a cig with Dunhill

Pawn Stars - Dunhill clock lighter, police pedal toy car

TV Review

Pawn Stars - Season 5, Episode 11: “Help Wanted.”

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Not a profitable day at the Las Vegas pawnshop. Items bought:
  • Police Pedal Car – $65
  • Vintage Dunhill Lighter – $1,100
Seller came in with a German made 1890-1891 combination drilling rifle. This simply means it’s a shotgun and rifle, three barrels (funky looking). Bob the armor expert was not impressed when he appraised the gun.

Dents on the barrel. Cracks on the side plate. Replaced hammer. Valued at about $300-$400.

Rick passed because honestly, best anyone could do with it was to hang it on a wall. Could turn it into a curtain rod, just saying.